• Jimmy Chalfant - photo by Marcy Royce

KIX’s Jimmy Chalfant talks to Modern Drummer about early influences!

KIX’s Jimmy Chalfant talks to Modern Drummer about his early influences. Check out the article here and here is the first excerpt from the article:

Hey there, modern drummers! My name is Jimmy Chalfant, and I play drums for the Baltimore hard-rock band Kix. I grew up with all types of music in my house, from classical to jazz, R&B, progressive rock, and everything in between. My parents both played violin and my two bothers played guitar in bands that practiced in our basement. Their bands would often leave their equipment at our house, so I would come home from school, jump on the drums, and start whaling away. This was the mid-’60s, the Beatles had just taken over in America, and soul and R&B, like James Brown, the Temptations, and Otis Redding, were big at that time.

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